Angela's Quilting Studio


A beautiful way of expressing

 your  own

creative and artistic side."

-A. Tonyan

Angela Tonyan believes in breaking the quilting mold. By viewing quilting as a "beautiful way of expressing your own creative and artisic side," the true value of Angela's Quilting Studio shines through by inspiring her clients and customers each and every day. Angela challenges the grid of boxes of quilting through looking for the artistic expression of each person and their quilting story.

Angela's own quilting story started when Angela was laid off from her career as a manager for a retail department store by finding the therapeutic ease of quilting. She relearned how to use her arm after two Rotator Cuff surgeries, by rekindling the passion of quilting. The motions used actually strengthened her shoulders after the surgery and the emotional release of creating a work of art eased a lot of her mental tension that resulted from being laid off and eventually terminated from her management position. It was this passion for quilting and the awakening of losing a job that was security for the Angela's family that resulted in the inspiration of opening a studio. The main intention behind the studio is a channel to pass on Angela's love of the fabric art onto others. 

Once the decision to open a studio was decided upon, Angela started making the appropriate changes to her garage to accommodate a business and studio. She purchased a long arm quilting machine to finish other people’s quilts, and to create custom quilts for other people who don’t wish to do it on their own. She has also found another niche within the market and introduced memory quilts for people who have lost their beloved pets.

Additionally, as a way to pass down the traditions to a new generation, and to rekindle the passion of quilting in the Boomer Generation, Angela began to teach classes. Her biggest takeaway for her students is to show them the ease of quilting. If her students see how easy it can be to make a quilt for a very nominal amount of time and money, they will engage in the craft and use her store to buy additional material, rent time to use the long arm quilter, and have Angela finish the quilts as they become too ambitious a project for the client to do on their own.

How Angela's Quilting Studio breaks through the Grid and into the Art of Quilting

Angela brings her own simple rustic flair through a unique quilting studio. Angela does not strive to be the normal quilt shop that everyone is used to. Her studio is not meant to sell fabric; it is meant to sell the art of quilting. She has been able to do this through the design of her business and her studio. She has designated spots for sewing machines with a dedicated “locker” area for a person to use. This is unique to adapt the creative and learning process to each client. Angela is willing to teach on the client time, so if she is teaching and helping someone with a quilt they will be able to leave their items at the studio, and it will be there for them the next time they come out to the shop.