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Are you interested in knowing what the pricing and costs will be to have your project quilted? I have a professional-grade machine that will make your quilt exceptional. I can quilt both freehand and using pantographs, which makes me able to provide you with a multitude of options. I pride myself on my quick turnaround on quilts brought to my shop. Please refer to my FAQ below and see many of the patterns I offer.


How much will it cost to do my project?

I charge ..018/square inch. All machine quilting is priced by square inch. I also charge a $12 a yard for batting. I have a $40 minimum charge. I put as much work into the “little” jobs as the large ones, and I feel this reflects that.

For example, a 100" x 100" quilt would cost $180.00

(100x100) x .018 = $180.00



For binding, I do it all for you. Price is $15-25 plus fabric depending on size of the quilt.  It is sewed on all at one time!



I offer wide backing (108”)  for $16-25



Preparing Your Quilt Top for Machine Quilting


  • Make sure your quilt top is well pressed and seams are flattened. Seams should be pressed flat not pressed open.
  • Trim all hanging threads from the back and edge as much as you can. Those threads can show through light areas of the quilt.
  • Quilting does not correct piecing problems. If there is fullness in the center or wavy borders, you may wind up with pleats or puckers. I do my best to correct such problems as I quilt, but I can’t guarantee that I can work out all problems. To avoid wavy borders and pleats, you must make your borders fit your quilt. Measure through the middle, top and bottom of the quilt and take the average of those numbers, cut to that length and make them fit. You may need to ease the quilt to fit the borders.
  • Quilts must be clean and free of offensive odors. ( I reserve the right to refuse Quilts with strong odors so that they may not contaminate the work of other clients and my equipment).
  • Identify the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin if it has a directional print.


Preparing the Backing for Machine Quilting


  • I reserve the right to refuse backings that may cause tension problems or charge a fee for the extra time necessary to work with such backing.
  • If the backing fabric isn’t big enough, please use a 1/2" seam to piece the backing. Press the seam open. I will sew your backing together for $10
  • The backing must be at least eight inches larger in length and width than the top.
  • Please press the backing fabric.


Please do not baste the quilt top, batting, and backing together. I need all three layers separated so I can attach them individually to the frame.

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